Gutter Installation

St. Louis Roof Co provides seamless gutter installation. We own and operate our own Gutter Machines. With our in-trailer gutter machine, we custom measure, make and cut your new gutters on site.

Below is a brief step by step of our gutter installation process. Check it out to see how each step of the process ensures that your gutters are durable and long-lasting.

6 Steps to Quality Seamless Gutter Installation

1. We determine how much material is needed to complete the job.

2. If replacing an existing gutter system, we check for rot along the fascia board when the old system is removed. If there’s damage, we can place a fascia plate or fascia cover over it or replace the fascia board at home owners expence.

3. Tin snips are used to cut the gutters to length and files are used to smooth the sharp aluminum edges. Gutter-seam sealant is applied to the gutter section that requires an end cap, to prevent leaking.

4. Working from the end of the fascia, we use hidden fasteners to attach the end-cap gutter. The hidden fasteners are slipped into the gutter run and the gutter is screwed into the fascia with a drill and screws.

5. The downspout outlet is attached to the fascia with a power drill, similar to the process with gutter sections. Hidden fasteners are placed every 24 inches along the gutter run. When two pieces of gutter come together, we use a gutter connector on the exterior seam and gutter sealant on the interior to prevent leaks.

6. The downspout and an elbow are attached, along with a short length of downspout to carry the run to the wall. The downspout is anchored to the wall with brackets, one at the top of the wall and another just above the foundation. Another elbow is attached at the bottom of the downspout to divert water away from the foundation. A splash guard is placed under it to keep water from eroding the soil.

Our process ensures that your gutter installation will be done right the first time.

Gutters and Downspouts